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Your CONTENT shouldn't just be revolutionary, it should be evolutionary.




Futurist thinkers and early adopters in new media, we are social media influencers that offer full service production and growth strategies through storytelling and visual innovation in the evolving mobile marketing age.



A few HAPPY clients & BRANDS we've CREATED visuals for:




Bast Pictures is a creative home for new media storytellers with a sharp visual and narrative focus, sharing common traits of singular vision, extraordinary visual style, and the elevated storytelling ability to transform creative ideas into compelling viewer experiences and cultural movements. 




Unmatched Experience. Unmatched Depth in our Niche Craft. 


We've learned our craft from the most well respected creatives, directors and photographers in the world.  

We have a wild story. A little bit of history here. At the young age of 22, the first photo editor that spotted our creative gifts was an editor who had hailed from Vogue ... she commissioned our very first paid gig, ever. Luck or talent? A little bit of both we think. 

A year later, the first spec commercial we shot landed a spot in the Super Bowl. We took it as a sign to keep going...

After that, we were randomly discovered by a photo editor at Sports Illustrated. We had about an hour to whip together a shoot with practically no resources, and she was blown away by our quote on quote 'GQ'esk' stylized images of athletes. So impressed with the emotionally driven imagery, that first shoot landed as a full spread editorial.. in print.

A year later, globally known director Chris Applebaum ( with clients like Rihanna, Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato) personally reached out after looking at our work. He was shocked by our portfolio at such a young age and wrote ... "You're the Next Big Thing."  (Seriously we can't make this stuff up). We took it as a sign to keep going ...

We've worked on crews bringing visions to life with creative visionaries like Francesco Carrozzini ( clients: Lana del Rey and Chanel) for Vogue Italia... we've been treatment writers for some of the biggest music artists in the world; one even won a MTV Video Music Award and currently sits at over 120 million views on Youtube. 

Early adopters to new media and visual marketing on mobile, our expertise in weaving pictures, vision, culture and social media (and after a making a hashtag campaign go ten million reach viral at New York Fashion Week ) gave us a cutting edge approach to Instagram. We spent over three years hyper-analyzing the world famous picture app and began consulting clients across the globe. Our success launching Instagram channels through intuitive visual storytelling and powerful movements brought a wave of unexpected attention. 

We've been personally reached out to by GaryVee/VaynerMedia's influencer network, the New York Post, global ad agencies and have recently used social media to connect with some of the world's most influential peacemakers. We are (to date) the only Forbes endorsed Instagram consultants and are featured on the Forbes 30U30 #one podcast for entrepreneurs in 2017 'The Unconventional Life Show.' ...... Again, we're taking it as a sign to keep going...


We like to think this is only the beginning.


We've managed creative crews big and small to bring precise visions and stories to life. We've had our hands on projects that range up to $250K. We've engineered 17x organic follower growth, several times. While social media does seem to change quickly- we know how to cut through the noise with precision. We don't even remember the last time a production or creative strategy didn't turn out even better than we expected. By pure passion, experience and skill, we have a tendency to over deliver... every time. The creative leap and transformation we deliver is a non-linear leap in growth.  While creativity may seem like a series of unexpected mistakes; it is an art & science of accuracy and holistic craft to us.


We disrupt, find blindspots and can design roaring cultural tidal waves.



About Bast Pictures

We believe making a production happen should be a fun, inspiring experience. In fact, we believe the amount of fun we have while creating... and the energy we bring to set... just might be the secret ingredient to our magic. 

We believe making a production happen should be a fun, inspiring experience. In fact, we believe the amount of fun we have while creating... and the energy we bring to set... just might be the secret ingredient to our magic. 

On a cold winter day in December 2012, Sean and Crystal were sitting on a couch, binge watching one of the most addicting Netflix series: "Weeds."  Maybe it was the crazy, fearlessness of the characters on that TV show that gave them the courage to take a leap and start a film production company... as they pinned together a vision board on Pinterest with clients like Dior and Target on it.

The goal from the first spark of its inception was always to do one thing: create iconic work and use the power of pictures and story to make every client legendary.

Since those first couch days, Bast Pictures has evolved from its Bast Kitten years and matured into a powerful, creative beast.  Bast is a courageous and innovative team that understands how to ideate and execute sustainable visions on a grand scale. We are highly adaptable, divergent creators and have a passion for designing rich digital atmospheres and visuals that tell stories. We believe in being rooted in love first - in order to expand and grow a vision. We always aim to deeply connect to the heart using intuitive, soul centered and intelligent creative direction that can create global movements... and in a way transcend and bend time. 


  Social Influencer  @directorcrystal / Chief Creative

  Social Influencer  @directorcrystal / Chief Creative

humanitarians at heart.

We make pop culture that changes the world for the better.


Milwaukee, WI & Los Angeles, CA


Make iconic visuals. 

Every problem can have multiple solutions. To see them you have to look at the big picture overall. Don’t limit yourself to just one route.






Quality is our Business Plan


Trusted Partners, Recent Work and Collaborations



Executive Produced






"Anyone Can Get One" - Get Checked Omaha

Agency: Serve Marketing 

Prop Styling and Styling

Director & DP : Robb Fischer




Donald Driver is at it again! This time, he's surprising Wisconsin residents at Gee’s Clippers, a Milwaukee barbershop, ensuring they know the importance of seat belts, AND the penalties that come along with not wearing a seat belt.

Client: Habitat for Humanity

Ad Agency: Maldonado & Morgan

Director: Crystal Schreiner

Director of Photography: Sean Love


The Habitat for Humanity film helped raise over $16,000 after its premier at the Framing the Future Gala.




Client: MukLuks

S/S 2014 - S/S 2015




Content Creation - Video


Ad Agency: Company B

Client: Kimpton Hotels, The Journeyman 

"A Night Out at The Journeyman"



Instagram GROWTH,






post... by post...we are....

Instagram ARCHITECTS &


on Mobile


crystal schreiner instagram branding






crystal schreiner bast pictures case study new york fashion week

Faces of New York Fashion Week


Social Content Coverage #FONYFW Viral Campaign

What we did?

Live Content Creation & Instagram/Social Visibility and Viralability Optimization. Basically we made the campaign blow up and reach millions.

Client: Socius Live

Case video cut by Daniel Butler




Our clever content marketing concept directly resulted in mass celebrity endorsement and promotion by icons such as Victoria Beckham, DKNY, Cara Delevigne, Karlie Kloss, The Blondes & Michael Kors


One million images and videos shared of the event across Tumblr, Twitter and Instagram. 


 #FONYFW tag alone had an impact of 10M+


The famous image that started it all.

Supermodel Cara Delevingne Image By : Crystal Schreiner

Supermodel Cara Delevingne

Image By : Crystal Schreiner


                 SUPPORTING                  FAMOUS  FACES





Instagram Brand Launch Case Study

refinery 29 grey.jpg
Illustration by Janelle Sing

Illustration by Janelle Sing


What we did?:

Content Creation


Bill Cunningham was right by our side.



What we did?

Photography/Branded Content 

What we did?

Photography and Creative Direction


Feature Story: Larry Sanders, NBA


Follow the co-founders

Crystal Schreiner, Chief Creative Director


Fun Facts: Crystal's creativity has touched various stages of productions for icons like Ciara and 5th Harmony, as well as brands like Vogue Italia and Glamour Magazine. She leads a passionate conversation about quantum creativity, metaphysics, wellness and self love to her 38K+ Instagram community and within her movement called Beauty Everywhere. She is the host of the forthcoming Holistic Instagram Marketing podcast 'Insta on the Rise: The Show.' She believes visionary heart centered creative media can change the world.


Sean Love, Executive Producer


Fun Facts: Producing Positive Impact is the sum of Sean's experience in the industry. Having worked in the presence of some of the finest producers in the nation and attending Hollywood's Association of Independent Producer Workshop, he's had the chance to learn from from the best to execute with excellence. Sean loves handstands and believes conscious movement propels his ability to bring the the unseen creative possibilities into this world. Heart centered visions bring change for the better, and that's at the root of every project he touches. 



We believe in creating extraordinary work.

To achieve this, we consistently work with some of the most respected, award winning creatives in the nation.

Our crew members are truly masters of their craft.


Trust us, your going to want to press play on this one . . .

We have fun while we work on set. See?


While our home base is Milwaukee, Wisconsin, we have successfully produced projects across the nation.

From hiking an hour up the mountains in Los Angeles, to the busy streets of NYC;

we find the best spaces for the vision, move swift and make magic happen.

From big empty garages to fancy studios,

our extensive list of locations are one call away.

Studio Rental



Our Services and Specialties

By nature we are creative ninjas with a taste for excellence and intentional design. With almost a decade of experience working hands-on as creators with cameras, we know what it takes to move an audience.

We've evolved quickly over the years to specialize in more niche trade skills. Skills in filmmaking, production design, art directing, prop styling, branding, emotional response marketing, storytelling, direct marketing, website design, email campaigns, Instagram marketing, twitter growth and more.


Looking back at all the skills we've finely tuned

we realized there was one thing in particular that propelled us into mastery.



 We became composers of the infinite unseen potential.

 Developing an original strong vision is the utmost important part of our process.

We believe stories rule the world, and we will do (almost) anything to get BEAUTIFUL storIES into the marketplace AND to the RIGHT audience


What we do?





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