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About Bast Pictures

On a cold winter day in December 2012, Sean and Crystal were sitting on a couch, binge watching one of the most addicting Netflix series: "Weeds" ...dreaming boldly. Maybe it was the crazy, fearlessness of the characters on that TV show that gave them the courage to take a leap and start a film production company... as they pinned together a vision board on Pinterest with clients like Dior and Target on it.

The goal from the first spark of its creation was always to do one thing: create iconic work and use the power of pictures and story to make every client a legend... not a trend.

Since those first couch days, Bast Pictures has evolved from its Bast Kitten years and matured into a powerful, loving creative beast.  Bast is a courageous and innovative team that knows and understands how to ideate and execute sustainable visions on a grand scale. We are adaptable, divergent creators and have a passion for designing rich digital atmospheres that tell stories. We believe in being rooted in love first - in order to expand and grow a vision....while always aiming to deeply connect to the heart using intuitive and intelligent creative direction that can create global movements... and in a way transcend and bend time. 


Milwaukee, WI & Los Angeles, CA


To make every client a legend.

Every problem can have multiple solutions. To see them you have to look at the big picture overall. Don’t limit yourself to just one route.


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Our Services and Specialties

By nature we are creative ninjas with a taste for aesthetic excellence and intentional design with almost a decade of experience working hands-on as creators with cameras.

Although pictures are what we first set out to master, we've evolved quickly over the years and managed to specialize in more niche trade skills.. such as film, production design, art directing, prop styling, branding, emotional response marketing, storytelling, direct marketing, website design, email campaigns, Instagram marketing, twitter domination.. honestly the list goes on and on.


When we look back at all the skills we've managed to fine tune,

we realized there was one thing in particular that helped us learn and master all these other fields: 



 We became composers of something grander.

 We found layers of emotional stories attached to the work we created and learned how to monetize it.

 We learned that developing an original strong vision was the most important part of our process- everything else was just tactics.


We believe stories rule the world, and we will do (almost) anything needed to adapt in order to get that story into the marketplace to the RIGHT audience that craves to hear it. 


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